Research Themes


Dr Burroughs is engaged in a wide range of research interests and activities within the broad theme of sustainability in the built environment including: 


Remote indigenous communities
  • Cultural and economic development of remote indigenous communities

  • Building capacity and self-reliance in remote communities

  • Sustainable house design and construction in remote areas

  • Intersection of environmental and cultural sustainability

  • Housing design based on both environmental and cultural principles.

Sustainable building design and operation
  • Design and construction of rammed earth buildings

  • Design of buildings for remote locations in tropical climates

  • Environmental design and performance of buildings

  • Green leases and the efficient operation of urban green buildings

  • Environmental rating systems and assessments

  • Passive and active environmental features of buildings.

Alternative building materials
  • Properties of rammed earth and compressed earth bricks

  • Effects of stabiliser type and amount on the strength of rammed earth

  • Criteria and guidelines for rammed earth construction

  • Environmentally sustainable, low-energy materials

  • Material and building energy life-cycles.

Alternative construction technologies
  • Environmentally sustainable construction technologies and systems

  • Procurement systems and construction methods for remote communities

  • Environmentally sustainable building refurbishment.