Dr Steve Burroughs


For four decades, Dr Steve Burroughs has demonstrated leadership and innovative approaches in the advancement of built environment sustainability and resilience. He has worked at the intersection of environmental-based design, low-energy construction materials, alternative construction methods, and Indigenous knowledge and values. In doing so, he has not only contributed to the progression of environmental/resilience sustainability, but has also enhanced the lives of those with whom he has engaged.


Dr Steve Burroughs has protected and enhanced the Corporate and Indigenous communities in which he has lived and worked by placing sustainability and resilience at the core of building design and construction. During this time, he has been at the forefront of community engagement, working partnerships and research and education in the sustainable building sector.  Aspects of sustainability of the built environment of interest to Dr Steve include the environmental design and performance of buildings, construction material technology, and ethnoscientific approaches to sustainability.  Working with various government agencies and other NGO partners, Dr Burroughs continues to be involved at the forefront of sustainable/resilient building design, construction methods, and technologies.

Dr. Steve has a long history of partnering with Indigenous communities and their supporters to help the often disadvantaged to progress and achieve equity in housing, health, and self-sufficiency.  Now, his Foundation is taking his life’s work to new levels.