Research Themes

Dr Steve has active research interests in the sustainable/resilient built environment.  Since completing his PhD in 2001, he has published a series of peer-reviewed papers in international academic journals. The results of his research have been applied to his design and construction of low-energy buildings. Importantly, because of the way the research was formulated, the results have enabled Corporations as well as Indigenous communities to easily learn and practically apply the material preparation and construction techniques to their own building projects.  Dr Burroughs has led many training courses, and in some cases established training centres, for transferring skills to local Indigenous people






Conferences, Journal Articles and Peer Reviews

Dr Burroughs continues to be engaged in active research and knowledge development.  He regularly writes journal articles for publication and is a peer reviewer for several journals in the fields of engineering, sustainability and  construction materials. He presents papers at several conferences each year.  In 2013, his paper on the Cherbourg (Australia) recycling plant was awarded best paper at the regional CESB13  conference held in Dubai.





Development Tools


Tools provide indicators that measure variables used as a representation of an associated factor or quantity.  Dr Steve is currently involved in the development of two such tools, ARMS and SHERPA tool.