Project Management


Dr Burroughs' project management expertise includes:

  • Technical expertise in gathering and analysing site information on the construction project,

  • Experience in Environmentally Sustainable Development including ISO 14001,

  • Ability to identify potential project “problems” that have not been previously identified and mitigate these issues in the early stages of the project,

  • Delivery of projects on time and within budgetary constraints,

  • Experience in managing diverse projects with a large number of stakeholders,

  • Knowledge of the current construction market (current and future trends),

  • Successful experience in the planning, evaluation and approval process within projects,

  • Ability to develop positive relationships with communities, governments and project stakeholders,

  • Risk management experience to maximise positive events and minimise the consequences of adverse events in the construction process, and

  • Experience in the design and delivery of construction projects.